Wednesday, May 20, 2015

ASICS Kayano 21 Review

I have always been a lover of the Asics Kayano.  The Kayano21 is my third pair of Kayanos.  

I ran my first marathon with my Kayano19, 
Chix in her Asics Kayano 19 - During the TBR - Dream Marathon (42k)  Feb 16, 2014
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a number of half marathons and other races with my Kayano20

Chix in her Asics Kayano 20 - Runfest (21k), July 13, 2014
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Chix in her Asics Kayano 20 - New Balance Power Run (25k), November 9, 2014
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 and my second marathon with my Kayano21.
Chix in her Asics Kayano 21 - Condura Skyway Marathon (42k) February 1, 2015
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Here are my thoughts on the Kayano21.  

I have been using them since Feb2015 (roughly 300+kms).
I love the design of my Kayano21 (Black/pop/knowckout pink), the colors are very attractive and they just suit my personality.  Overall fit is perfect for me.  They are snug to my feet.  

My Kayano 19 was also mesh, though my Kayano20 was not. 

As compared to the previous two Kayanos I’ve owned, I would say the Kayano 21 offers the best fit.  I guess this is due to the Kayano21’s  new “inner layer of lining” which result to a more tighter feel than the previous Kayanos, which is an advantage for me, since I have very narrow feet.
It’s a great stability shoe and offers generous support.   I usually run around our village and some of the roads here are not even, so these shoes are best for me to make sure I don’t trip on the roads.
The first time I tried the Kayano19, I thought they were the best, but as I tried the 20 and now the 21, they just keep getting better and better. The Kayano 21 has a softer ride compared to the Kayano 20.  It is more padded but still provides ample stability. And because it feels (and is) more padded, they are heavier than the Kayano20.  As I always say, the Asics Kayano 21 is “the best Kayano, yet!” As a matter of fact, I am thinking of getting another pair in a different color.
Chix with the Asics Kayano 21 (Flash Yellow)
ASICS Bonifacio High Street Store

That’s how much I love the Asics Kayano 21.  Looking forward to getting a new pair of Kayano 21, and of course I can't wait until Asics releases the Kayano 22.

Provides the best stability and more cushioning compared to previous Kayanos I tried ( especially for my type of feet- narrow feet)
Snug to my feet which enables my feet to run at a steady pace even during long runs
A lot of color options (depending on your style)

Quite expensive compared to other running shoes
Heavy, and it’s quite stiff (since it’s a stability shoe) – heavier than the Kayano20

Catch you later!

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