Monday, June 1, 2015

ZUMBA with my best friend, DIANA!

My bestfriend, Diana and I tried Zumba at the gym in her condo in Serendra (they offered a free trial, so, why not?!).
Chix and Diana after their first Zumba Class
So why Zumba? 

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First, as I’ve always said, I never had an active lifestyle until I tried running. Now that “striving to become fit” is part of me, I became more open to trying out different forms of exercise. 

Secondly, I heard positive reviews about Zumba, especially from friends who had zero exercise in the past, who either tried it or got hooked into it. Even my mom who's not into working out enjoyed it.

And lastly, Diana invited me to join her "first workout after giving birth" since it seemed convenient and we both never experienced Zumba anyway.

So there we were, as we entered the studio beside the gym, there were seven other women (25-40+ age range), plus our instructor. 

Post-Zumba mirror selfie inside the gym

Here are my thoughts on my first ZUMBA class:

1. Simple Choreography – I am not a dancer, but I think Zumba is best for women even if they are not into dancing. No dance experience necessary!  Of course, as we all know, Zumba is a Latin Dance Workout – the mix of Latin rhythms and popular dance hits made the workout fun.

2. Safe for all fitness levels – Whether you have an active lifestyle or you have a non-existent fitness routine, I say this is a good start. Aside from the simple steps that you need to follow, in general, it’s very low-impact.  The Zumba class was for an hour and it was simple, not too exhausting, but would at least boost your endorphins.

3. No special attire needed – You just need a pair of simple rubber shoes (cross-trainers / running shoes would do), comfortable shorts / leggings and a top with lightweight fabric. 
TIP: Bring a towel and some hydration- you will have short breaks (1-2 minutes) within the one hour class so you can hydrate. Don't wear stability running shoes though - wear shoes that would help you pivot your feet easily.

Overall, I enjoyed our trial Zumba class. Though there were a lot of times when Diana and I were unable to follow our instructor since it was only the two of us who were first-timers in the class, that didn’t matter.  

The best part was dancing together while laughing at each other while trying to get our hips to move as we figured out how to follow our instructor.

Taking the Zumba class together also made us reminisce our “stage acting workshop days” way back when we were in high school, when we just had to dance and learn various choreography in a short period of time.  Trying out Zumba with my best friend was more like a bonding moment for us, than a strenuous workout.
Chix and Diana outside the gym - West Tower, Serendra 

I’d highly recommend women to take Zumba classes (with your close friends / moms / kids). Of course you can’t expect the same results (calories burned) with a high intensity workout, but  it’s fun.
For those who already have their fitness routine, joining a Zumba class is a break from those hard core workouts that seem to be a fad nowadays. 

Don't worry if you are unable to follow the steps the first time. Zumba won't make you feel like you are working out. Being caught up with the fun music makes the whole hour a breeze. Just enjoy the experience.

Catch you later!

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