Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The hardest (yet meaningful) EASTER 5K RUN!

April 5, 2015 – Easter Sunday.  I got up at 5am, eager to leave for UP for our Sunday long run.

I had a meaningful Holy Week (Tagaytay for Maundy Thursday, Good Friday prayer and fasting, annual day trip to Manaoag, Pangasinan for Black Saturday). 
Chix and Mike outside Pink Sisters Convent, Tagaytay - Maundy Thursday 2015

Chix and Mike outside Our Lady of Manaoag Church, Pangasinan - Black Saturday 2015
I had everything planned out when I woke up Easter Sunday! I prepared all our hydration bottles, after run clothes, etc…  When we arrived UP, we immediately got off the car and started to prep for our run.  After walking for half a kilometer, we saw a couple of our fellow UP counterflow runners and joined them for a run around the oval.  Since we were late, and they were at their last round, Mike (my husband) and I decided to continue running even after they finished.  So we went for another round at the oval, this time we saw Zhiella (fellow TBR batchmate and friend) and she took our pic. 
While running at the UP- Acadmeic Oval - Easter Sunday 2015
Photo Courtesy of Zhiella Turingan
Before we decided to take a quick hydration break, Mike and I decided to run at a faster pace, but when I stopped running, I felt very weak that I couldn’t run anymore – this was only after running 5kms.  I told Mike to continue even after our hydration break as I was not feeling well.  So he did. After about an hour or so, he went back inside our car and was surprised to see that I was having chills.  We left UP right away and passed by a drugstore and he got me paracetamol.  As he drove home, I wasn’t feeling any better.  My entire body ached and I just wanted to take a hot bath and lie down in bed.  When we got home, I immediately took a bath and got my temp, and it was 39C (102F).  I thought it was a normal fever that will be over in a day or two... but no, it lasted for a week!

Since I started running in 2012, I’ve never felt this weak! I have always been happy to run because I felt the health benefits that it did to me.  It always made me happy and everything about my body says that running is good for me. But for some reason, this time, I just couldn’t move. Walking to the dining room to eat was too much for me. Even our drive to the doctor's clinic was a struggle. My body was very weak which made me realize even more how to value my health.  
"Thank You" Visit to our family doctor, three days after I fully recovered
L-R: Chix, my Mom, Dr. Antonio Acosta (a.k.a Kuya Tony, our family doctor), my Dad
(Thankful that my parents are here to take care of me during daytime while my hubby's at work, during that difficult week)

Now that I have recovered from that worst “viral infection” (as how our family doctor referred to it), I loved running even more.  I realized that our HEALTH is indeed our WEALTH! That week made me realize how blessed I am for having the strength to run.  

My holy week became even more memorable after that “week of weakness.” I now value each run, whether it’s a 3k, or a full marathon, what matters is you keep moving and be thankful for the strength that God gave you.   

Ever since I recovered from that flu, I joined the DC Comics Justice League 10k fun run
Jeff and Chix showing off their Justice League Medal after the 10K DC Comics Fun Run
Photo Courtesy of Jeff Lo
 and the National Geographic Run for the Earth 21K (half-marathon).  

Photo Courtesy of Lakbay Buhay
Chix with her 21k NatGeo 2015 Medal 

Both races were not my personal bests but I have learned that each run and each race is a blessing.  The opportunity to join and finish a race is already God’s gift to me. 

Catch you later!

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