Sunday, May 7, 2017

After six pairs of ASICS, time to check out the hype on the newly launched HOKA ONE ONE!

I trained for my first full marathon with the Asics Kayano 19. 

Because I was satisfied with how it performed and how it kept me injury free, all my running shoes thereafter were mostly Asics. The most recent Asics pair I bought were Kayano 22s. I’ve been contemplating whether to get another pair of Kayano (23) or if I should try a different running shoe. I was apprehensive on trying a different brand, because after several years of being loyal to Asics, when I convinced myself to finally try a different one, I was not happy. I purchased a different brand of running shoes in December and they disappointed me.  My most recent pair of Kayano 22 was quite bulky and heavy, so I was having second thoughts on whether to continue with my loyalty to the Kayano series, or if it’s time to try something else!

Finally, HOKA ONE ONE was launched here in the Philippines. The main reason why I wanted to try the Hoka One One Arahi, was because of its bright color and design. It’s been a while since I bought a pair of running shoes with a design that appealed to me. Most of my recent pairs did not quite suit my personality – I just needed shoes that would give my feet the support and stability they needed, regardless of color and design.
The Hoka ONE ONE Arahi is a stability running shoe. It claims to be, “Shockingly lightweight and cushioned, the ARAHI redefines what is possible with a supportive shoeand “we believe this is the future of the stability running shoe.” -- Sounds promising, so I decided to try it out!

The first time I tried them on, I loved how it was snug to my feet. I have narrow feet so most of the other running shoes I tried apart from the Kayano are just a bit wide. Of course, as compared to any Kayano, the ARAHI is lightweight (and it’s a few thousands cheaper, too - Asics Kayano costs PhP9,000 / pair while Hoka One One Arahi is only PHP 6,295 / pair).

I've used my Arahi in several short road runs (longest was a 14k run).

And a couple of times for 8 and 10k runs on the beach. 

By far, it provided the necessary support I needed. I love that it’s very breathable and my feet just fit inside perfectly. During these runs, it allowed both my feet to move naturally and it’s very stable. Its claim to be lightweight and highly cushioned proved to be true especially during my speed intervals.

With how it has performed, I am hopeful that I could use this while on training for my upcoming full marathon in July.

Watch out for my other detailed reviews of the Hoka One One Arahi when I blog again after using it for my longer runs. :)

Catch you later.

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  1. Wow! what a very nice abs, keep it up and stay fit :-)