Saturday, January 7, 2017

Color Manila 21K Run Race Review

It's my first time to join a Color Run!

I've never been a fan of these "color runs" but today, that changed...
Photo before the race (courtesy of Jema Ng)
L-R: X, Chix, Age, Fidel, Mike

My game plan today was to run the 21k and avoid the color stations as much as possible. I felt it was just a hassle to clean up the mess after the race. So during the first 15/16kms, I sticked to the plan. But towards the latter part of the race, things changed. I knew I had to experience it.

Now, as I finished my first ever Color Manila Run, I think I'm gonna be looking forward to this  every year. I say you gotta experience it!!!

Here's a more detailed race review that you might want to check out...

All hydration stations only had water, but enough supply for the runners and locations were adequate.
(There was only one Vitamin Water Station along Roxas Blvd but they gave a 330ml bottle so that was sufficient enough, it was really cold which was refreshing).

There was a station which had enough supply of Salted Caramel Gu, and another station with bananas and Emco Hazelnut Müsli biscuits, yum! 😋

Color stations:
The reason why the race was a lot of fun... their loud music and the cheerers per station were so hyper, they just pump you up everytime you pass by a color station... it's just so hard to avoid them and say no because you know you're missing out!

Race Route:
We ran the first few kms (maybe 5km) around the streets near the MOA complex and we headed to Roxas Blvd through CCP at the 7th km. The entire race course was not cramped. There were quite a few u-turns at the start, but overall, it was a good race route, especially since Roxas Blvd was part of it (CCP to City of Dreams and back)

Race Marshals:
All marshals were professional and helpful. They greeted runners as they passed and gave a few cheers.

Gun start:
Although based on schedule, 21k should start at 4am, we already started a little
past 4:30am because their program and warm up exercises started a little later than 4am.

21k finisher redemption:
Very organized and no lines, maybe partly because there are only a few 21k runners.

Race Registration and Race kit Redemption:
N/A (I got my racekit complimentary through Jeff Lo (PinoyFitness).

Racekit inclusions:
Singlet, racebib with timing chip, sunglasses, bag of good quality and design

Finisher Loot: Cool design with an ample size for a 21k medal, decent finisher shirt, pillow with cute design, color
Pack, 1 pc 330ml Vitamin Water (assorted flavors), 1 pack Emco Hazelnut Müsli biscuits

Overall, I'd say if I spent for PHP 1,700 to run 21k, it's quite reasonable.

Will I run it again next year? DEFINITELY :)

Visit or Pinoy Fitness FB page and watch out for more Color Manila Run photos and details.

Catch you later!

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