Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Ending 2015 with 1,000 kilometers

Today, I cap the year with 1,000 kilometers!
Taken December 31st 2015 after I hit my 1,000th km for the year
At our village basketball court (where I started running in 2012)
It may not be much for my fellow runners but it is a big deal to me since I WENT INTO A RUNNING RUT in the last quarter of 2015!

This year, I ran two full marathons, one “Afroman distance (32K)” race, two half-marathons, five 16k races, two 10k funruns, and one 5k funrun. All of these races were from the first to the third quarter of the year (except for the 5k funrun). When the “BER” season kicked-in, I was just “OFF SEASON!”

During the last quarter of 2015, I have been slacking on my mileage.  Even before quarter three ended, I only ran over 20 kilometers for the entire month of September, and my mileage suddenly dropped when I took a six week vacation in mid-October to December. That vacation took away my regular workout routine (my weekday short runs, core exercises, and weekend long runs). When I came back home from my vacation, for the first time in years, I wasn’t excited to run anymore. My body just didn’t “crave” running as how it used to.  I WAS JUST IN A RUT!!!

I suddenly felt frustrated, I couldn’t believe how it could happen to me.  I have always been excited to run, and I want to remain that way, but for some reason, I just couldn’t wake up early to step out the door and run.  I was too lazy to get up and wear my running clothes.
So what did I do?


1.       TAKE IT EASY
It’s OKAY not to RUN!
Photo courtesy of @rundontrun
Maybe it’s not just your body that is tired from running, maybe it’s your MIND too. 

Yes, running is a big part of me, and that’s who I am, but I was just tired so I took a break. When I didn’t feel like running, I DID NOT. 

Taking a break from running gave me the chance to put things in perspective and value my love for running, it gave me a new reason to keep doing it.

Chix's bib and medal collection 2012 - 2014

It may be your running mileage or what you have accomplished, but go ahead and look back!  Build your own running tracker where you log your running mileage and all the races you have finished. It may be your old running bibs, medals, or even running pictures on Facebook or your personal running pics on your phone. Whatever that is, look back and see what you have accomplished.


Almost always, I run in the same route around our village on weekdays. So I tried a different path (even tried running my normal route in the opposite direction), ran more on the treadmill instead of the road, just to get away from being bored.  
Chix at the gym treadmill - October 2015
I also tried running in the evening instead of my usual morning run, just to break the routine.

with running friends  (Paula, Mike, Chix, Macel, Coach Mike) at the UP Oval - Diliman
Photo courtesy of Mike-Macel Janeo
Chix and Jeff at the FrancisM race, October 2015
Photo courtesy of Pinoyfitness
Try to make running a “social exercise”. You could join running groups or simply train with a friend to keep you running.

For me, aside from my running friends, my husband was a big help. I would never imagine myself running again if my husband decided to just stop from running.  
Mike and Chix (RU2 32k race)
Photo courtesy of Pinoyfitness 
He kept on motivating me to run with him, in the morning / evening, on the road or on the treadmill.  Though we seldom run on the same pace, having someone to consistently train with you, really makes a big difference.

The reason why I started running in the first place is to have a form of exercise until my passion for running just grew from there.  
During one of my first runs in UP Diliman (Q1 2012)

I may have attained my personal goal of running a marathon and have finished three full marathons.  But do I stop there? Definitely NOT!

I have so many reasons to still keep on running.  I do it because I have my time for prayer.  Everytime I run, whether it’s an easy 5k run or a full 42k marathon, I always find time to pray and meditate.  
Chix at 30+kms of the 39th Milo Marathon July 2015
Photo courtesy of Caliraya Runners
Running gives me the chance to think of everything I have in my life and be grateful for all my blessings.

Now as I cross the finishline of my 1,000km run in 2015, I am looking forward to be at the starting line of my 2016 race. Whether it gives me more or even less than a thousand kilometers, one thing for sure will never change...  My love for running will always find its way… 

See you on the road, folks.

Catch you later!

(I will be blogging tomorrow on how to resolve to a healthier you in 2016, watch out for it!)

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