Thursday, November 27, 2014

About Me & Why I Started Running

My name is Chix. 
Photo courtesy of KB Runner (Photo-Ops)

I am a housewife / part-time event planner / chauffeur of my husband who drives him to and from work.  Aside from running, I enjoy spending time with my friends, road trips with my husband, dining out and eating (yes, I eat a lot and I eat almost anything except champorado, don’t ask me why, because  I don’t know, too). I cook for my husband (sometimes, if I feel like it) since we’re trying to be healthy. 

I never considered myself to be an athlete, I was the type of girl who got annoyed with the thought of perspiring and exposing myself under the sun.   As a kid, I avoided any form of exercise.   PE was my least favorite subject and I always hated it when my dad woke me up on Sundays for my tennis training.  But a few years ago, I felt that I wasn’t as “fit” as I thought I was.  I could hear my joints cracking if I do a little stretching and climbing up a few steps was getting tough. I then realized, I was getting old and I had to start exercising.  I started running in 2012 as a form of exercise.  I never realized I’d get hooked into it.  

Now, I run because I LOVE TO RUN. I am not a fast runner, but I have the heart of a runner who just couldn’t imagine life without it. 

Photo courtesy of KB Runner (Photo-Ops)
I am not a writer but I created this blog to share my passion for running since it added meaning to my life.  I want others to enjoy it, as much as I do, because when you experience the joy of running, you will keep doing it, and the good benefits that come from it will just be an added bonus
For me, running paved the way to a healthier lifestyle. It may be a different form of exercise for others,  but being fit always begins with the decision to try. You can either spend for gym membership, join fitness classes, or simply do your workout routine at home. 

Whatever form of exercise you decide to try, it’s always best to choose something that you can be consistent with because it will eventually become your way of life.  So start with something that you can commit to.  Just take it one step at a time, the key is CONSISTENCYDo not make it hard on yourself the first time, or you will quit right away. 

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